Of singing one pure song

September 9, 2009

I’m back.

The loss of over hundred Grotians from last Saturday hit me badly and I wished that I was among them. The darkness of the tunnels met my gloomy heart and it seemed impossible to rediscover courage and spirits.

So desperate our cause seemed that Saturday morning – I have learned that we’re not alone. Proscripts took great risks to help Grotians escape, and it took some of their lives as well. Let’s not forget “to dream of singing one pure song”, as my GU friend and activist Amandel puts it in such an uplifting way. http://www.grotiangrapevine.blogspot.com/

I wonder what else Garfield Jameson is trying to hide besides his crimes against humanity. Something is more than fishy here. Someone called him “greedy fraud”. My guts are telling me that we have to prevent him from getting hold of the shield…