August 31, 2009

Yesterday was horrible beyond imagination. I thought I had it coming when my place got ransacked.  But I had to find out that brave Grotians died yesterday. My neighbour Carla Bowen… ack! and little Connor. You want to know why? Because she didn’t want to be re-educated. Because she refused to leave her son at the re-education center and flee without him.

I’m heartbroken. I knew about the flight operation, it was safe and sound. Who else did? We must have a leak… They are even trying to make people believe that Carla stole the sword. Ridiculous, but devastating.What a see-through plan by Jameson. We may know the truth, but my friends got shot for it.

So many good Grotians risked their lives yesterday. I am grateful for the ones who made it, but mourning the dead.


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