Let them come to our caves

August 29, 2009

The Grotian Grapevine sadly has no good news for us these days. The PPP announced that they will search all Grotian homes within the zone. Still looking for the sword I guess.  How about this idea: search in the Towers!  The sword might as well been stolen by a Proscript to get an excuse to battle us down. Some certain Grotian labor logs are definitely telling a story here…

I have my ears everywhere and haven’t heard about any Grotians possessing the sword. Or the shield for that matter. Still – what are we gonna do when they want to search us? It feels so wrong to submit and let them dominate us in our own homes. Fighting is not an option for me, though,  not right now. It would lead only into more aggression.

Maybe we can make use of this for further educating the Proscript people? We need photos and testimonies about what’s going on here. If Proscript people have a hard time to believe that we live in the shagged houses they saw last Saturday on video, how will they feel about us living in the dark, in the dirt, in the caves? So,  let them come, let them see, let them find… nothing.

Just hearing now that a few of us have escaped the re-education attempts. Feeling hope again. I need to meet them to understand the full picture.


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