The facade is about to crumble

August 28, 2009

The Proscript’s facade is about to crumble. The PP leaders are initiating criminal actions – detaining people over hours for involutary interviews, re-educating masses of Grotians and telling lies after lies. Rumors concerning these matters are leaking and spreading. There are signs that the PP’s actions aren’t supported anymore by the Proscript people, at least not to the great extent it used to be. Last Saturday was a turning point. Having seen the GU educational commercial video “This is the Life of a Grotian” planted the seed of doubt in Proscripts that we need.

We finally let the Proscripts see how we live. And it shocked them. I was there. I heard them whispering and murmuring during the screening. And when it was over, when the Party technician finally managed to pull the plug, the lurking doubts swept through the crowd like a wave. I know the Power Day reporter says the opposite, said that the crowd booed and cheered and threw trash at the screen in disapproval. But why did the PP leaders order to repeat the dragon fight re-enactment to calm the crowd down? Bring out new refreshments and cakes? People are smarter than that, Garfield Jameson. And you are afraid – your hasty coverups are telling more truth than your website.


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