It is time to take back our rights

August 26, 2009

My name is Rosa Wells. I have been in the hideout for too long. Reading, thinking, making plans, playing with strategies. I thought we could rely on our leader. Levi Waltershield… what happened to you? Where are you?

We have always had our differences – you being the man of sword, I the woman of word – but we are both fighting on the same side. For the same goal. You haven’t responded to any of our calls and messages… I am worried. This is the reason I’m speaking up.

Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Co-Suppressed!

It is time to make our dreams come true. May I quote one of our passionate Grotians: “Will Grotians ever get to be free
To come and go to see Archie?”
Katie is 8 years old. Katie has pneunomia because she lives in the cold tunnels every day since she was born. She seldom gets anything fresh to eat and her mother has to work hard to get the family through.

Yet Katie does not despair. She reads books to educate herself. She writes poetry of beautiful and strong meaning and is not afraid to have her words heard in a public organ. Katie believes in a free world. Katie dreams of her rights as a human being.

It is time to take back our rights. Let’s join our forces, our minds and hearts. The path of violence is not mine, but a path of passion and truth.


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