Alarming developments

August 26, 2009

The Grotian Grapevine just posted some terrible news this morning and I’m worried. The Proscript’s Party website mentions that a new re-education program for Grotians is about to be launched. First the Grotians with access to the Purity Towers, then all the other Grotians in the Zone will be re-educated. Re-educated? Brainwashed problaby, tortured maybe. They still don’t know, or pretend not to know, where the Sword of Flames is. I firmly believe that none of us Grotians would’ve done this. The theft has not helped us in any way, in contrary. Things have gotten much worse since then.

My guts say: Run away! Take your friends, your family, and run as fast as you can.

But I wanna know what happened. I wanna know the truth. And I want the Proscripts to know it, too. We must find out what happened to the sword.


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