New day

August 31, 2009

Today is a good day. The GU traitor is no more with us. We can trust each other freely again. New fresh air is blowing through the tunnels, while true friends gather and discuss their future.



August 31, 2009

Yesterday was horrible beyond imagination. I thought I had it coming when my place got ransacked.  But I had to find out that brave Grotians died yesterday. My neighbour Carla Bowen… ack! and little Connor. You want to know why? Because she didn’t want to be re-educated. Because she refused to leave her son at the re-education center and flee without him.

I’m heartbroken. I knew about the flight operation, it was safe and sound. Who else did? We must have a leak… They are even trying to make people believe that Carla stole the sword. Ridiculous, but devastating.What a see-through plan by Jameson. We may know the truth, but my friends got shot for it.

So many good Grotians risked their lives yesterday. I am grateful for the ones who made it, but mourning the dead.


August 29, 2009

This was much worse than I’d imagined. They came in dark clothes with hoods on their heads. Shoved me aside, tore my place apart. Ransacked everything. I feel violated. They confiscated what they could get from my notes, my research on our past.

Lucky me I left only insignificant bits and pieces for them. I hid away my personal treasures,  together with my camera and my computer. Apparently they haven’t found out about this blog yet, *fingers crossed* for the future.

Oh no, bad news from our friend L. Bad day for the Grotians, very bad.

Let them come to our caves

August 29, 2009

The Grotian Grapevine sadly has no good news for us these days. The PPP announced that they will search all Grotian homes within the zone. Still looking for the sword I guess.  How about this idea: search in the Towers!  The sword might as well been stolen by a Proscript to get an excuse to battle us down. Some certain Grotian labor logs are definitely telling a story here…

I have my ears everywhere and haven’t heard about any Grotians possessing the sword. Or the shield for that matter. Still – what are we gonna do when they want to search us? It feels so wrong to submit and let them dominate us in our own homes. Fighting is not an option for me, though,  not right now. It would lead only into more aggression.

Maybe we can make use of this for further educating the Proscript people? We need photos and testimonies about what’s going on here. If Proscript people have a hard time to believe that we live in the shagged houses they saw last Saturday on video, how will they feel about us living in the dark, in the dirt, in the caves? So,  let them come, let them see, let them find… nothing.

Just hearing now that a few of us have escaped the re-education attempts. Feeling hope again. I need to meet them to understand the full picture.

The Proscript’s facade is about to crumble. The PP leaders are initiating criminal actions – detaining people over hours for involutary interviews, re-educating masses of Grotians and telling lies after lies. Rumors concerning these matters are leaking and spreading. There are signs that the PP’s actions aren’t supported anymore by the Proscript people, at least not to the great extent it used to be. Last Saturday was a turning point. Having seen the GU educational commercial video “This is the Life of a Grotian” planted the seed of doubt in Proscripts that we need.

We finally let the Proscripts see how we live. And it shocked them. I was there. I heard them whispering and murmuring during the screening. And when it was over, when the Party technician finally managed to pull the plug, the lurking doubts swept through the crowd like a wave. I know the Power Day reporter says the opposite, said that the crowd booed and cheered and threw trash at the screen in disapproval. But why did the PP leaders order to repeat the dragon fight re-enactment to calm the crowd down? Bring out new refreshments and cakes? People are smarter than that, Garfield Jameson. And you are afraid – your hasty coverups are telling more truth than your website.

Open your eyes

August 27, 2009

This message is to everyone who is not afraid to hear the Truth. To those Proscripts, who are doubtful of the official stories. And to those Grotians, who are about to despair, because the resistance really starts to hurt.

Yes, I am a Grotian. And no, I am not a criminal. And neither is any of the Grotians. We are looking for a peaceful way to live in freedom and equality. We do not tolerate or promote violence. Read the “Grotian Grapevine” if you want to face the truth.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Become aware.


Alarming developments

August 26, 2009

The Grotian Grapevine just posted some terrible news this morning and I’m worried. The Proscript’s Party website mentions that a new re-education program for Grotians is about to be launched. First the Grotians with access to the Purity Towers, then all the other Grotians in the Zone will be re-educated. Re-educated? Brainwashed problaby, tortured maybe. They still don’t know, or pretend not to know, where the Sword of Flames is. I firmly believe that none of us Grotians would’ve done this. The theft has not helped us in any way, in contrary. Things have gotten much worse since then.

My guts say: Run away! Take your friends, your family, and run as fast as you can.

But I wanna know what happened. I wanna know the truth. And I want the Proscripts to know it, too. We must find out what happened to the sword.